They are telling us that we need to cut costs and stop reducing class size because it doesn’t really matter how many kids are in a class. After all, my mom tells me that in the good old days, right after the war, there used to be 60 kids sitting in a room. If you make a noise or disrupt class, if you lose it – you are out. Back then, an education was necessary. The kids knew: I want this and I do not want to get kicked out. They behaved. That was after a war. Maybe we should not compare ourselves to something that happened some 60 years ago?

Reading articles like this is shocking. Not because of the content but because decisions get made without thinking. Artikel über Klassengrößen

Too bad our leaders are not well versed in multilingual media environments, where information is at the tip of your fingers. Given that we don’t do our own research in this country, there is still plenty to be had in foreign countries. Information that you should at least read and know about before making informed judgements as representatives of the people of Germany. We, the citizens expect you to represent us in an educated manner. Read it – here’s a good place to get started:

Fact Sheet and Links to Research