How many children start off to school in the morning with heavy school bags laden with papers and pre-historic books that weigh tons and most of the time do not get looked at during the school day?
Korea has made the move to go digital. “How horrible!”, exclaims a mother next to me when I suggest it for our country. She loves the feel of books and cannot imagine a child learning from an ipad-thingymagic. Some serious rethinking seems to be required of the over 13-year olds, including the teachers and parents. Technology is still alien to many, strangely enough. Why don’t we ask the kids what they think about an ebook that contains a movie?


Going beyond schools, including University, it is not a question of whether or not we are there yet, concerning technology in learning. The question is, why aren’t the schools and Universities getting with the program yet? Learning is going on outside of the institutions (just to get you started, take a look at the Khan Academy) – if we want the institution to provide any form of benefit for the education of our children, teens and adults, they had better stop wasting our time and get with the program.

Well at least we have a concept paper … so now it is only a question of a couple of decades. A good read – but I bet if we got a bunch of 11-year olds to put together a concept paper this would blow our minds away to the next level. These are exciting times!!!