How do you prepare your students for a spelling bee, if you need to teach them how to pronounce the words correctly so that they will recognize them? I was looking for just that. A tool to pronounce the list of words that I provide. Then I needed a way of studying the words, which would allow the student to restudy only those that they missed: The 5-level system of being presented with new vocabulary.
Then the test should emulate the spelling bee feeling. While searching for what I needed, I found some things that are very nice, which I don’t need immediately, but will come in handy later. What I didn’t not find is a free flashcard system that will review the vocabulary in 5 stages and pronounce them for me easily. Of course you could use three different apps for that but that was too much for the German 10 year olds who are going to master 300 English words in the next four weeks.

Introducing tools from the visual thesaurus and quizlet:

  1. Talking Flashcards
  2. Spelling Bee
  3. The vocabulary Grabber

Very easy to upload any number of words to this tool, then send a link to your students, print the words out in several different formats of your choice. Each flashcard can talk so you get a pleasant real-person voice reading the word to you.


Then test yourself with the spelling bee mockup. Gives you two chances to get it right before telling you the correct answer. Keeps statistics. Meaning of words is given on right side. If you pay the membership you get a the visual wordlist. Shortcoming is that you cannot print it out nicely. You can though with the quizlet tool. So you need both systems.


The vocab grabber. You need to be a member to get the full benefit. But it is so worth it. If you are a teacher, this is how you are going to prepare the pre-teach vocab list of any text you will ever read, assuming you have the electronic text at hand.