I am going to tell you my secret to warming up on Kanji. About 10 years ago, I lived in Tokyo – sure miss living in a real city! – and spent 6 months painfully acquiring 500 Kanji, which I consequently lost due to low usage 🙂 in daily life.
After receiving the ipad – or was that the reason for getting it? – I spent a lot of time looking for an app to teach me kanji. I was looking for a tool that can help me to learn how to write the Kanji. On the way, I found a competitive game Kanji Pop that allowed me to speed learn Kanji. I worked myself up to Game 24 in a couple of days! This means that somewhere along the way, I was able to identify 23×16 Kanji! in a short amount of time. It’s definitely not because I remember them all from way back when. No – many of them I don’t remember ever having seen before.


The second app, Kanji LS Touch, is about remembering how to write those Kanji. That is a feat quite a bit more difficult and reminds me of just why it did take so long for me to learn them a decade ago. This tool is fantastic. You can pick your number of Kanji that you would like to focus on, study them, draw on the ipad, and then take the test. You check your own drawing of the Kanji by comparing the stroke order to the correct one. Just incredible, because of course, the app remembers exactly how you wrote your Kanji – you just can’t fool yourself anymore. Fantastic. Of course, I have a bit of a problem to figure out whether I am right or left handed when writing on an ipad – does anyone share that problem out there? ( ehm … don’t think that my kanji skills are as bad as shown in this picture – it is just an EXAMPLE! )

20120123-221442.jpg 20120123-221450.jpg