Radio SWR3 is onto the topic !

iPad and Media in Schools

Students are emailing in to the radio station: No way! Our schools have no technology worth mentioning. How will we move on to ipad?

Cornelsen, the main publisher for school books says: “Media is just a supplement for paper. Paper doesn’t need electricity and is available anytime, anywhere. Germany is not likely to go medial in schools any time soon!” A bit disappointing for a futuristic vision that is going to include media whether or not they agree!

The good news is, people are calling in from all over, including Switzerland, some schools have already gone tech! It’s here to stay, no use denying it.

In the end, the report with conclusions: Technology is too complex for teachers to use and too expensive for schools to purchase. By the time, the kids who know how to use the technology become teachers, the technology will already be old.

Thankfully, there is no stopping the kids from learning with technology outside of school. Even Germany will change.