I spent the last couple of days attending Stanford University. The professor comes to class in a T-shirt while I am sitting at home and freezing. Only a small indicator that I might not find myself in the same physical location as the course, while I felt like I was occupying a front row luxury seat in one of the best classes I have ever attended. This morning, I was sitting in the kitchen and making myself a cup of coffee while listening to Paul Hegarty who, fearless of any camera pointing his way, is teaching his super prepared class on how to build an app. Being used to “exciting” online lectures of unmentionable Universities in Germany who gratefully have them online but are just not quite up to that kind of quality, this new iTunes U course was a real surprise. Encouraged in this new brand of teaching, that is pure pleasure to listen to, I moved on to the next course, giving MIT Open Courseware another chance. Well – some things don’t change. But I will keep looking as soon as the current course is finished because I am out of space on my device. (Yes – I know there is iCloud – I am working on myself to trust the great outdoors)