A couple of days ago we had the privilege of listening on SWR3 Radio to the Cornelsen strategy on eBooks for the classroom. Media is a nice addition but not likely to replace the paper-book any time soon in Germany. Better take a second look at your strategy. Check out media products like SOLARO in India – mobile learning aligned with curriculum is not utopia it is a fact in other countries. THIS is what our schoolbooks look like in the future.
Will they be provided by Cornelsen?

On the academic front, publishers are also having to face up to reality. Check out the blogs on Elsevier. Finally, scientists are wondering, why they do all the work, then pay to get published and pay to read other peoples’ work? I’ve been saying that for a while – not having any money myself and having a hard time publishing for that reason. Poor countries have no chance in this game. Electronic media is our freedom to speak and learn and publish.