Today, I spent the entire day playing snoopy on my ipad. Of course I only did that to figure out whether or not it is possible to learn any English with it. The answer is – probably not. Unless you call being exposed to the same sentence pronounced a million times in English to developing an ear for the sound. Long after I decided that this is not a language learning app, I am still playing with it. Why is that? There was a point I was getting bored because nothing was happening as I placed things around the streets like a would in real life. Suddenly, I realized that you can place shops next to each other without influencing their sales numbers due to oversupply. So, I started by putting like booths next to each others – they would go off with money at the same time so I could click them easier and not have to go around searching for them. The next step was to realize that I would have to use the entire floor space to buy as many of the cheap booths that give money every 30 seconds. The village was ugly with 50 candy booths. But I was making tons of money, reaching level 9 in a bunch of hours. Husband and I were clicking like crazy coming up with new strategies, working on speed. Finally, we were able to expand land. Problem with that is just that it take two days to get extra space. ARGH. Plus the day was drawing to a close. This means I wouldn’t be able to click on the money. It was time for the night-time strategy. Quick booths were exchanged for maximum revenue over long period of time. Then we closed the thing. It was hard though.

What motivates a person to spend that much time in a game?


  1. Obtaining levels and seeing how far away I am from the next level
  2. Knowing what I have to do to reach the second level
  3. Working with others to obtain the next level, asking for advice where someone else is playing or playing with someone
  4. Making money
  5. Building stuff
  6. Finding ways to optimize


  1. Spending time with spouse
  2. Feeling in control
  3. Finding ways to optimize processes
  4. Competing against our daughter
  5. Understand the game, to see if there are any tricks
  6. Reaching the next level

11-year-old daughter:
She just loves Snoopy.

Why do YOU play?