After spending the weekend with Snoopy, I suppose I am a bit sobered. The original intention was to test whether or not it would be useful for learning English. But in reality, I have learned more about economics and the ways of the world. Being a computer scientist, I started optimizing to the degree that my village is just plain ugly. Functionally optimized, I would hate to live there. But it runs like a well-oiled money making machine. I role up the daytime stalls for night-time stalls to optimize my sleeping time. Then when I have time, I roll out the intense stalls. Lots of work on little money bring you an amazing amount of cash. That you can then invest in expensive cash cows that you don’t need to click on all the time. It is the classic story of the dish washer turning millionaire. It also replicates our industrial era. My town ain’t pretty! I want to show you two pictures. One is from a normal person, the other is from an industrial giant. You tell me which world you prefer and then you tell me which world we are living in! Maybe you are not in the industrial zone yourself, but someone is! And that is the reason you are doing well and not living in a zone. Think about it!