Every night I spend a couple of minutes going through the list of new apps coming in. Do you know that there are a lot more apps in Asian languages? But that is not what I want to talk about. I just snappshot the ones that I liked and will just present them to you as is. This time, not just for English or other language learning ideas but also for Maths and Science.

1. This one if for learning to spell and write the high-frequency words. This is important stuff! Problem for language learning might be that you don’t have any flashcard or pictures to help the kids figure out the meaning. This is meant for native speakers who know the meaning. Perhaps you can find this helpful for your kids anyway. I really like it!

2. This one is my favorite. Science in English for kids that are interested in anything to do with light. If you have a fourth grader that really gets into science. Get him this and hopefully, he or she will just breathe in some English along with the topic.


3. Nifty school type stuff for different grades. Very nice interface. Love it or hate it. But hopefully, something useful for English learners.


4. Math – well I would have definitely gotten this one if they had had it four years ago when it was relevant for me.


5. Race your multiplication skills against other kids online. Kind of cool idea to race with a Korean kid – kind of like the World Science Day online applications. Have you tried them?


6. Lots of English speech acts here! Or rather reading acts. You need to read something and understand it to take action in this game. Could be great for learning English “by accident”.