Recently I have been evaluating tools that are more curriculum oriented than the little bits and pieces that I have been introducing here. One of them struck me as very close to our curriculum so we could take the leap and try it out. DynEd has a number of applications that you can look at ranging from Kindergarten all the way to business and specialized vocabularies such as used by pilots. I would like to focus on the application that most closely resembles what I see the high schools do. It’s called English for Success. Right from the start of Lesson 1 you are presented with material that looks very much like the curriculum in year 5. (Stay tuned for another blog entry in the next few days on the elementary application “Let’sGo”.)


The exciting part, however, is when you see that the English that you are learning can be applied to other subject areas such as Mathematics, Geography and History. So for those of you who are going to bilingual schools, this will be very useful vocabulary indeed!


If the little ones in the family see the older kids using a cool tool that makes them speak into a microphone and work on their pronunciation as they get involved in a conversation with the figures in the application, then there is just the thing for fourth graders as well. “First English” is the perfect program for the fourth grader who is getting warmed up on moving on to high-school. They still have the energy and the time. Let them try this out and get a good head start on listening, talking, reading skills for English in high school. Especially important for those kids that have French in elementary school.