I want to share with you a way of using multimedia and the technology that we have available today to effectively beef up your study of vocabulary. So, how would you pick a set of new vocabulary to study? First, you decide on a text that is available in electronic format.
For example, Martin Luther King’s speech: “I have a Dream”.
Then you grab that text and throw it into the Vocabulary Grabber from visual thesaurus. Pick only the vocabulary ones, sort them by familiarity and don’t select the lowest ranking (1) group of the bars to the left. The resulting list are your words. Check them all and then deselect the easy ones that you already know. Save the list and voilà: This will be your study list. You can use that list to create flashcards on quizlet.com. That tool will also get you the meanings and read the words out loud for you. The Visual Thesaurus List will give you a semantic web for each of the words, which may be enough for you as a list.
So with this list mastered, you can then go and study the text. Then the highlight consists of listening to Martin Luther’s Speech – you can find him on youtube.

If you like this, there is an even better way to work by using TED talks. Here you have an interactive text display WITH a German translation. Proceed in the same manner for selecting the words using the vocab grabber. After studying the words and reading the German translation of the speech, you can then move over to the English version and read it. As you select sentences, the movie to the left will display the speaker talking at that same position. What a brilliant way to study a language!

Technology, once again, takes the cake!