Check out this link on learncoachies by Cornelsen.

If you are looking for extra exercises or for a cool way of studying the vocabulary, this is your place. If you are looking for a system that will lend individual support for your child to work on language skills, the application currently falls short of that. Instead, you will find some interactive exercises for the grammatical points, but there is no drill, there is no intelligent tutor to tell your child which part should be studied more, in fact, even if the child knows where the problems are there is no additional material for those of us who would need a bit more drill. Yes, I use the word drill, even if it is not in vogue. But let’s face it, there are some things in life that need drill or the skill will never move over to the automatic part of the brain. Multiplication tables, irregular verbs, conjugation, adjective agreement in French and so on. So, while this page is a great start, why not treat the grammar issues just like the vocabulary? Have the students revise and revise until mastered. Grade your exercises from easy (multiple choice) to difficult (free text) and use the technology for what it can do to give immediate feedback and know your students’s needs. Who needs a pdf download platform? Ok – that’s unfair. It’s more than that – and surely that other additional stuff I’m talking about is already scheduled. Nice start! Now ramp it up so you can do some real research on how kids are using this. As it stands, I don’t see the research question here because it is all about parents who have computers and get their kids to do more of the same old exercises. Except for the Vocab, no individual tailoring to help kids be the best they can.


Typical vocabulary trainer. 5-stage repetition. Very nice way for introducing, studying and repeating vocabulary. Good drill on that. For this part alone this application is already worth using. A simple vocab trainer that supports correcting typed words might be cheaper and do more for you. In fact, you can get one for around 10 Euros whereas this program costs 10 Euros a month.


Most of the exercises are just pdf downloadables. This is great. But the technology isn’t really being used here. Sometimes, you get to listen to an audio file and then answer questions on paper. At least we got the audio part here as a media. Though I am sure this could be pepped up a bit with interaction as well.


Here’s an example of a typical interactive grammar lesson. You get to move some boxes around. Pre-colored so you can’t possibly get it wrong.


An “interactive” video explanation of a grammar point. Very nice. I get to press continue, when I finished listening. Can’t speed it up though, in case I already know this part and I certainly can’t go back, if I want to hear it again. So, nice idea but didn’t use the full potential of technological benefits.


Nice training of vocabulary. Like I said, that part is well implemented.


Fact sheets.
ok – these are just some book-like views on grammar points. No big deal.


After vocabulary training, this category makes up the largest number of coachies. Downloadable pdfs.


Most of the interactive forms with immediate feedback are like these multiple choice ones. A smart kid can get these right without understanding the underlying grammar concept, simply by eliminating the stupid options. No problem with that, if there were other exercises with immediate feedback that get more difficult – but there aren’t. See point above on grading grammar exercises from easy to more difficult.

Overall, this tool has great potential as an add-on to the schoolbook but is only about at 20% of its full potential.

Lastly, the parent view is non-existent. I cannot see how long my child has worked. Nor can I see how well they are doing or which problem areas they need to work on. The students can see how much time they have spent. But they cannot see how well they are progressing in terms of quality. Time doesn’t really mean much. As a kid I need to see my progress and I need to know which parts I need to work on. So – even here: Lots of work left to be done and I don’t see the research questions that you can possible ask here. If the student outcome does not improve, it will not be because technology doesn’t help. It could but you are not using it to its full potential. Will the research study be publicly available?