Kerboodle is exciting. Invented for England, it would serve it’s purpose well in Germany. It moves away from the traditional topics of schoolbooks that revolve around stereotypical images of white French kids and their daily lives that students are supposed to identify with. Kerboodle excites the students by opening up the world and redefining what “French” means, to “francophone”, looking across cultures into music, sports and locations around the world, scientists, ecology and worldwide festivals. The material is easily accessible to the second year French student in Germany because vocabulary and grammar have already been covered. Yet, the authentic, cognitively challenging material moves kids to the next step of really feeling immersed into language and culture. This language is not dumbed down, it is real. Listening, speaking into the microphone, reading and writing: This is an excellent way to get your child to enjoy French language and culture online at home and make French not a subject to learn in school but a language to acquire for life! (… while coincidentally, simultaneously following clearly outlined outcomes that align with those in our German schools).