The more time I spend looking at the positive impact of gaming on kids, the more I am figuring out how much I have underestimated and misunderstood gamification. Slowly, I am reaching the conclusion that if we know what gamers do, if we had the statistics about engagement that companies that produce games have, if we turned around how we treat learning in school, then we would be able to build fantastic learning environments. It also starts to become quite clear, why schools are producing unmotivated children – we do all the opposite things that a game does!

What engages students in gaming?

Now, think about what we do in schools to engage kids…

Here is a school, Quest to Learn, that engages their kids to learning. The NY curriculum is covered but it is considered the baseline not the goal. Spend hours listening to how this works on PBS Digital Media New Learners of the 21st Century.

Too bad I don’t live in NYC. What are our kids missing out on with traditional education?