I have been watching Khan academy for a while now – see previous posts. Lately, some changes have taken these online videos a big step forward. Notice that all videos are now sequenced for learning. Then you can watch those movies.

But now, there are an increasingly large number of exercises added to those films. That is now, you can earn badges and brag. Elements of gaming have been brought into the interface. I can reach achievement. A progress bar shows me whether I am reaching mastery in the subject for which I am working examples. You can see in the first page that I have mastered addition and in this picture below you can see how my progress bar is still empty. On David Hu’s Blog you can read up on the statistical function underlying the progress bar – that is the type of thing that fascinates me. But probably not the reader of this blog 🙂

They key here is that you can sit your kid in front of the khan academy and watch them master the material from school. No need to pay a tutor – here it is online with a teacher view for parents! Check out my progress below.

But notice that you can see so many different things by looking at the menu on the left side. Progress, work done, performance, achievements, goal settings! Wow… watch out for this site during the next couple of years. All this will change drastically! Thanks Gates for sponsoring this and thanks to all those volunteers who believe in free education and high quality and learning as a goal!